CBR research is on the cover of Boletim Faperj

Research investigates financial decision-making at Complexo da Maré

Interest rate, payment terms, and warranties are determinant factors for the decision about a loan. Questions from psychological nature, such as emotions arised at the choice moment, are very often fundamental. To investigate this topic, CBR coordenates, in partnership with Observatório de Favelas, a study about the decision-making process of people who live at Complexo da Maré, in the context of microfinance – the offer of loans, savings, and other financial services tailored to microentrepeneurs and low income people. “The choice of Maré as a study object was motivated by the presence of a preat public who can benefit from microfinance products, by the local population' heterogeneity and by the possibility to understand the slum beyond a stereotyped and stigmatized view”, justified Goldszmidt.

This study is in its inicial fase, in which researchers are running qualitative research and lab experiments. The experimental lab is located at Observatório de Favelas, at Nova Holanda – one of the 16 slums that form Complexo na Maré, located between Brasil Avenue and the Red Line, at Rio's North Zone. In the experiments, participants are presented with decision-making hipotetical situations, and based on their choices, it is possible to understand their decision process. Around 250 people participated of the project, which was implemented in 2014. There will be a survey from a sample of people who live there.

Dry Law (Operação Lei Seca) firms partnership with FGV researchers

What we normally see in academic research on Drunk-Driving, which is generally conducted under the perspective of medicine or traffic engineering, is about to change. The Secretaria de Governo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and its “Dry Law Operation” (Operação Lei-Seca) have been working together with CBR in order to better investigate drivers’ change of attitude – which has been widely recognized as one of the main factors for the success of the public policies in reducing actual numbers of accidents. 

FGV/EBAPE Launches its Center for Behavioral Research

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, FGV/EBAPE launched its new Center for Behavioral Research (CBR), whose aim is to investigate individual behavior and decision-making processes. The CBR’s research will be of an interdisciplinary nature and will seek to bridge the gap between, on the one hand, the academia, and on the other, companies, government and society as a whole. The Center will be run by students enrolled in FGV/EBAPE’s MSc and PhD programs and by Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) professors from a broad range of study backgrounds, including: consumer behavior, organizational behavior, cognitive sciences, behavioral finance, statistics, applied mathematics and political sciences.