Behavioral Lab - FGV

The Behavioral Lab at FGV is where many of our experiments are conducted. The main goal of the lab is to better understand how individuals evaluate and make decisions in contexts of interest to businesses, non-governmental entities, and policy makers. Computer-based real and hypothetical decision tasks are developed to assess how individuals respond to different stimuli. Decisions, evaluations, recall, and response time are among the measures used in the lab. 

The lab is located on the 13th floor of the FGV main building in Rio de Janeiro. More information about the lab can be found at the Behavioral Lab website.

Lab 13th Floor


Behavioral Lab - Maré

The Behavioral Lab at Maré is a place where we conduct inclusive research in low-income communities. The main goal of the lab is to include people who tend to be segregated in other research environments. Research questions include, but are not limited to, financial decision making, consumer choice, social indentity, etc. 

The lab is located located within the Maré complex in Rio de Janeiro.